The Song Summary – ConnectingHR Unconference #CHRU

22 Oct

I attended the ConnectingHR Unconference #CHRU yesterday organised by Gareth Jones and Jon Ingham.  For those of you who missed the event it was aimed at discussing social collaboration within the HR function whether that be Learning & Development, Employee Relations, Recruitment etc.

Normally I would lay out a couple of case studies or discussions that particularly sparked my interest, but this time I think Doug Shaw of What Goes Around Ltd, summed it up best with a song (video by Alan Whitford).  Enjoy!

By Jean-Paul Smalls of VONQ UK

One Response to “The Song Summary – ConnectingHR Unconference #CHRU”

  1. Doug Shaw October 22, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    Hey Jean-Paul – how kind of you. A pleasure to meet you at the unconference, a great day making great connections and sharing great learning. Cheers – Doug

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